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i first saw christian bale in little women when it came out in theaters too. i remember getting a big crush on him, but i didn't care to see his other movies and never really noticed that he was also in swing kids that i loved (although i realize now that i HATED his character! grrr).

since then, i've seen shaft (another asshole character), velvet goldmine (oh my GOSH he is such a little poser in this, it makes me laugh and he seems really unattractive to me in it as well), and american psycho (great!!).

well, tonight i was in the mood to get little women from the video store and reminisce. oh such fond memories i had of laurie.. and they've all come back now. haha i was STILL mad at jo for refusing his marriage proposal too. i don't understand that at all, and i'm even jealous of winona ryder for getting to spend time with christian, AND samantha mathis for getting to work on two movies with him (both kissing AND simulating sex!). wow.

i had a dream a few nights ago that my math teacher looked exactly like christian, and i was oh so happy... of course, once i started talking to him, i WOKE UP! and couldn't get back to sleep. grrr

btw, i'm new here :)
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