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The Bitter Smile's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Bitter Smile

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[11 Aug 2003|10:56pm]

if you want to try and join a rating community heresone to join:mirrorsreflect
smile bitterly

[28 May 2003|08:47pm]

[ mood | shy ]

Hi, I'm fairly new and would love to get into some heated Christian Bale debates. Or agreements, whatever. Like, I think Newsies is one of the best movies ever, regardless of it's actual QUALITY, I just...love it.

But I'd have to agree with the sentiment that Jack is a rbit of a wanker. I'm a Mush girl myself.

But I agree more with the playerness of him! Because to this slash fan's eyes, besides for Sarah, Jack can appear to be in secret relationships with like...pretty much all of the newsies who have lines. Seriously.

I have not yet gotten to see American Psycho >:o It's not for lack of trying, trust me. I've seen certain...shower shots...that are apparently from that movie, which would really be enough to get me to see it without knowing anything else about the movie.

Little Women was what made me realize just how charismatic Christian can be-he was kinda depressed for most of Velvet Goldmine (my favorite movie ever), and, yup, a bit of a bastard in Newsies. I was only introduced to him this year, so that was pretty much the third or fourth movie I'd seen with him. (Can you believe I've been deprived this long? I read the book a while ago, too, but after 1994, so the movie just slipped past my radar)

I don't wanna go stirring up conversations that have already been had, but I just got here today, so...I will defend Arthur Stuart's honor till the day I die!

By the way, I love the name of this community. I was decorating my room with Christian pics, and was shocked at the sheer number where he was, in my words, brooding. He became the brooder with a retainer lisp (I saw the early movies with his American accent before I saw the later ones). But I meant that in a purely affectionate way.

smile bitterly

Hi I am a Newbie [26 Nov 2002|09:31pm]

Hi I am new to this community and LJ.
Feel free to add me as a friend and I will add you.
smile bitterly

[11 Oct 2002|03:11pm]

Hi everyone,

I just joined this community. I moderate the christianbale community.

I've been a fan of Christian's for the past 10 years. My favorites Bale films are Empire of the Sun, Metroland, and American Psycho.

smile bitterly

Hello There [12 Jun 2002|04:11pm]

Hey there im new here but uhh i just wanna say that Christian Rocks and Everyone should go and see his new movie comming out on july 12th!!But im sure you all know that already.Much love.

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Bateman Bateman Bateman Bateman Bateman [12 Jun 2002|03:04pm]

[ mood | hmmmm ]

What does everyone think of American Psycho? Is our hero, Patrick (or "Pat" as his legions of friends and loved-ones like to call him) Bateman, really as utterly insane as he likes to think he is? Is everything real or is it just happening in his head? Why does virtually no one seem to know who he is? Is he simply not there? I wonder...

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[11 Jun 2002|12:35pm]

Wow, this journal's going to hell. So here's a question for everyone: Glue or Gluesticks? Discuss.
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I had totally forgotten about this... [14 Apr 2002|06:04pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Wow. Business is slow.

smile bitterly

[29 Mar 2002|01:28am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

i first saw christian bale in little women when it came out in theaters too. i remember getting a big crush on him, but i didn't care to see his other movies and never really noticed that he was also in swing kids that i loved (although i realize now that i HATED his character! grrr).

since then, i've seen shaft (another asshole character), velvet goldmine (oh my GOSH he is such a little poser in this, it makes me laugh and he seems really unattractive to me in it as well), and american psycho (great!!).

well, tonight i was in the mood to get little women from the video store and reminisce. oh such fond memories i had of laurie.. and they've all come back now. haha i was STILL mad at jo for refusing his marriage proposal too. i don't understand that at all, and i'm even jealous of winona ryder for getting to spend time with christian, AND samantha mathis for getting to work on two movies with him (both kissing AND simulating sex!). wow.

i had a dream a few nights ago that my math teacher looked exactly like christian, and i was oh so happy... of course, once i started talking to him, i WOKE UP! and couldn't get back to sleep. grrr

btw, i'm new here :)

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[Blink] [26 Mar 2002|11:19am]

[ mood | bored ]

Little slow around here these days, isn't it?

smile bitterly

Yo, dude! [15 Jan 2002|07:48pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Christian Bale 4 eva!! We belong 2getha and u no it! I luv him sooooo much! ;);)

What's up, Bitter Smile Community?

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Remus Lupin! [30 Nov 2001|09:54pm]

[ mood | silly ]

prismtrick: http://www.hpgalleries.com/moviegallery21.htm
Jun663232: !!!!!!!!!
Jun663232: !!!!
prismtrick: *laughs*
Jun663232: he better get it

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Dear me! [21 Nov 2001|02:54pm]

[ mood | bored ]

We're ever so sorry that the board has not been hopping with enthusiastic Sophie and Hannah Fiery Agreement Sessions. Sophia has not been online, for she is occupied elsewhere. Happy Bale-ness shall resume after the holiday.

...ha ha. I just wanted to put a new post up, since the board has been dead for a while. No one reads it but Sophs and myself, anyway. But now we'll know why we aren't updating. Heh.

smile bitterly

The Letter [15 Nov 2001|06:28pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Today, Gaia and I decided to search for Little Women at school. We soon discovered that a website, www.cinema.com, did not have a synopsis for Little Women. In a fit of genius, we created a new email address and sent feedback@cinema.com a well-deserved letter. The text of this letter can be found below for your amusement!

Today, I turned on the computer. I booted up the internet and went to www.google.com for my daily Little Women (1994) fix. I searched for Little Women as I had done every day since the movie came out in 1994. Today, your website was brought to my attention by Google's "Get lucky!" link. I clicked it, anticipating the miraculous moment when I would view the newest synopsis of Little Women. But this was not to be.

Instead, I was shocked to see this (and I quote) upon the screen of my computer:
"We do not currently have a synopsis for this movie."

Shocked, I backed away from the computer in horror. What right have you to strike a child? In God's eyes, we are all children and we are all equals! I am only a poor, innocent Little Women fan.

Tears rose to my eyes. I returned to the computer warily, eyeing the screen in distaste. This must be some joke, some foul conspiracy! No one in their right minds would neglect to post a synopsis for LITTLE WOMEN...THE Little Women that has shaped our American country. Angrily, I called up another window and logged in to my email. I write to you now to express my deep displeasure.

Little Women is the essence of the American dream. Since I watched it for the first time in 1994, the Friday it appeared in theatres has become a day of worship for me. I was reborn on that Friday, re-shaped and re-everythinged. All the wrongs in my life disappeared on that Friday as I watched Christian Bale with his psuedo-American accent proclaim "HAS Meg mislayed a certain personal article...such as...a GLOVE?!" and mischeviously tap a book, a bright fire in his eyes.

I was in love. I counted down the months, weeks, days until the movie would appear on video. I was the first to snatch it from the racks of Blockbuster as it appeared at midnight on that wonderful evening. I had bought myself a widescreen television in anticipation of the event. I was ready.

Since that day that I purchased Little Women (1994), I have not spent a single day without watching at least one hour of it. This movie pulled me from depression and gave me the strength to move on, to grasp what the essence of LIFE and the American dream truly is!

I have been insulted. I have been violated. I have been attacked. I have been crushed. I have felt my heart ripped from my body, demolished, burnt, chewed up and regurgitated into a small wet puddle on the floor. I have been deprived of seeing Christian Bale's name in the small part of the synopsis devoted to him. This, this has broken my dreams.

I choose not to write you a synopsis on my own. Truly, I could do so! It would be no trouble to me to tell you the marvelous story behind Little Women (1994). And yet...I think that you should do it yourselves. If you have no synopsis, then you must not have watched this amazing film! And so, on behalf of Christian Bale, Little Women (1994), and the American Dream, I ask YOU to create the synopsis. To describe the film. To feel it in your bones. This is all I ask in return for the grievous wrongs done to me on this tragic November day.

I thank you for your time. I wish you'd spent a little more time and actually made the synopsis, you hateful scum of the earth! But I thank you for your time, anyway.

A truly devoted fan of Little Women (1994)

By the time were done with this, we were in hysterics. We even had Sam rolling with laughter. So watch out, you hateful scum of the earth! Little Women (1994) will prevail!


2 bales; smile bitterly

Clickety, click. [13 Nov 2001|03:25pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Remember: no terrorizing of Bale! because I have the power to remove people from the commune. Maaaaahahahaha. All it takes is a little click. *CLICK, CLICK* Teehee!

smile bitterly

Grrrrrmph. [13 Nov 2001|08:35am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Stop making fun of Bate, will you? It hurts his feelings! He happens to think that the blueish pool picture is very sexy. Even though no one seems to be able to figure out which fucking movie it's from. Neeeeh.

11 bales; smile bitterly

AAAAAUUUGH! AAAAAUUUGH! [12 Nov 2001|11:54pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

First of all, it is not MY fault that Emily is terrorizing our commune! I have PROOF!

Jun663232: AUGH! STOP IT! STOP IT!
tigerpaint2442: he doesn't want to go
tigerpaint2442: he wants to STAY
Jun663232: That ice cream is not for you!
Jun663232: stop masturbating
Jun663232: augh
Jun663232: get away
Jun663232: i don't even want to look at this anymore
tigerpaint2442: [sends mr. sexy pic] ice cream? oh baby. i turn myself on.
Jun663232: *slams door and hides*
Jun663232: *shivers in teh cold*
tigerpaint2442: bwahahahahha.
tigerpaint2442: harmless bale won't hurt you.
tigerpaint2442: it's bale's like THIS that you need to watch out for ---> [sends grinning bale]
Jun663232: damn bales. masturbating with ice cream.
tigerpaint2442: UGH. PLEASE
tigerpaint2442: DON't!
Jun663232: *grumbles from behind a locked door*
Jun663232: heehee
Jun663232: am i scaring you?
tigerpaint2442: that's such a sick image
Jun663232: am i scarring you?
tigerpaint2442: ....want to be SCARRED, eH!?

So it's MY fault, chickaroos?!

Here...want to see a scary picture?
Hmm...why's he so red? HMMMM. And what movie is that from? See, Sophie, it can't be from American Psycho cause the tint is different and he is so much younger and not nearly as buffed up. Anyway, that should be a nice frightening image for you all. And guess who happened to walk by while that was open? That's right, my dad. He said something along the lines of "Who is that interesting young man?" as I shut the picture hurridly.

Yeah. Oofa.

2 bales; smile bitterly

[12 Nov 2001|10:35pm]

*sigh* I don't know how to introduce the topic of Bale running into my house and going into the kitchen and stealing ice cream to masturbate with, while I run into the bathroom and lock the door and proceed to huddle in a corner, shivering. It's tragic. Damn Bale and his ice cream. *sighs sadly* I wish he would get out of my house.

He says to blame Hannah for this post.
smile bitterly

*Sigh* [12 Nov 2001|11:01am]

[ mood | groggy ]

That's what comes of staying up waaaaaaay too late, Hannsa m'dear.

I think I want to rent the Southpark movie today. I need to do some homework, though.

Plane crash. Grandma can't go home.

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Ooo... [11 Nov 2001|04:23pm]

[ mood | amused ]


The first poster looks like Newsies is a love story. The second one is funny. Hee hee. I especially love this quote about the official release poster: "Christian Bale hates this one because he thinks he looks like Fievel the Mouse jumping around like that. I reserve judgment."

I quite agree about the Fievel comment.

4 bales; smile bitterly

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